Turn your Webinars, Podcasts, and Interviews into a Storytelling Series of Micro-Content with Short Videos and Posts

We efficiently produce and distribute high-quality, brand-centric micro-content at scale, leveraging storytelling and account-based marketing strategies to drive engagement

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What does Lead Impact do?

Our approach combines technology, methodology, and storytelling to effectively communicate the features of your product in a relatable and easy-to-understand manner, without giving the impression of a sales pitch.

We specialize in showcasing client success stories and case studies, highlighting how your product has helped them be successful. Using storytelling techniques, we rise above the noise, enabling potential customers to grasp how your solutions address their challenges.

We transform your product features into micro content stories and create bite-sized video content that is shared regularly, enabling you to effectively showcase the full capabilities of your products to potential customers.

We guide customers through the buyer's journey with concise micro content and re-engage those interested. By focusing on individuals who have taken actions like attending webinars or downloading whitepapers but haven't converted, we nurture their interest and encourage them to take the next step. Our strategy excels in pre and post-webinar engagements.

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We handle it all: Production to Engagement

Seamless process, start to finish

We facilitate Zoom discussion sessions with your team, including those from the product team, customer success, and leadership roles. Through coaching and training, we help them develop unique narratives so they can confidently highlight product features or customer experiences.
We convert these recordings into compelling short-form video content and after review and approval by your team, publish the them on LinkedIn, strategically targeting specific accounts and individuals to drive engagement. The aim is to drive potential customers to your website, webinars and LinkedIn company page.
Each month, we provide detailed reports filled with valuable data, ranging from audience engagement statistics to new followers on your company page and webinar sign-ups. This empowers you to assess our performance and make data-driven decisions regarding your marketing approach.

We don't just create product stories, we bring them to life. It's more than just a job for us, it's a passion.

Our team provides the guidance and support to help you succeed, no matter what market or industry you are in.

Our Clients Testimonials

Matt Fulton
Vice President
My professional network has expanded exponentially and I've had conversations with over 300 local government leaders. In addition, we've identified over 200 new opportunities and almost a hundred new customers through the Lead Impact efforts.
Angelica Wedell
Communications and Marketing Director
Lead Impact has significantly increased our webinar registrations and engagement with potential customers, both before and after the webinars. Their expertise in creating concise micro content has successfully attracted and nurtured the interest of potential customers, leading to stronger connections and higher conversion rates.

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